Mothering from the Heart Bible Study

from audrey:

What started as a heart for my family and biblical mothering - teaching the practicality of the Bible to my own children and others they brought home has grown into my teaching the practicality of God's Word to women as well. My heart's desire has always been to know God intimately, to obey Him earnestly, and to see His hand in the small, everyday moments of life.

So with that heart, I opened my home and invited women in our church to come and together we'd study the biblical principles of mothering.

That original study is available for you in several venues. You can order the CDs and listen on your own, you can open your home and host a group of women with the DVD set, outlines, and invitational cards. Or you can submit a request for me to come and teach it in person.

This Bible study is at the center of my life's messages. More than anything, I want to help women understand the bigger picture of this incredible assignment given to us by God.

Raising children is not a hobby - it is a calling. This Bible study will encourage you, challenge you, convict you, and most of all give you a renewed perspective of this holy calling of mothering.

To order the Mothering from the Heart Bible Study, please call 843-525-0089 ext 223 or email